STAS Systems Guide


Act of violence/implied threat of violence occurs. If imminent danger exists notify Law Enforcement, appropriate Level Operations, and Security Department. Initiate a protective response using district guidelines.

A Level 1 Screening is initiated by any two members of the Site Team. (For clarification of criteria, see first page Level 1 Protocol.) This Level 1 Screening is recommended for investigation and documentation of concerns about dangerous student activities, behaviors, ideation, and / or statements. A direct threat (expressed or acted out) does not have to be clearly indicated in order to proceed with a Level 1 Screening. Site Teams are encouraged to use the Level 1 Screening to address concerns and document their review of potential danger or safety issues, even if dismissed as minor or unlikely.

The Level 1 Screening process can be used as a reasonably short (20-30 minute's) review or a more extensive and lengthy screening (depending upon the circumstances).

  1. The Site Team includes an Administrator, CDS/Counselor, Liaison Officer, a Teacher/s who knows the student well, an agency case manager (if the student is adjudicated or a ward of the court), and a parent if circumstances allow. The Parent Questionnaire is available to complete by phone if parent cannot attend meeting. Other Site Team members may include Campus Monitors, other Teachers (especially English, Humanities, Art), and education program Case Managers if the student is on an IEP or 504 plan. The Teacher Questionnaire is also available for staff to complete if unable to attend meeting.
  2. Parent / guardian should be notified that the screening will be taking place and invited to participate if Site Team determines that it would benefit the screening. Site Team may elect to complete the screening without notification and/or inclusion of the parent if it is determined that the participation of the parent would compromise the process.  Documentation for parental notification is on the Level 1 Screening.
  3. Using Level 1 Protocol, the Site Team addresses risk factors and management needs through a Student Supervision Plan (Included in the Level 1 Student Screening). The case is tracked and case managed by the school Administrator. Follow-up dates are scheduled as needed. Law enforcement pursues a criminal investigation if appropriate.
  4. If another student has been identified as a possible targeted victim, document safeguards on Plan to Protect Targeted Student and notify his/her guardian using the Parent Notification of Threat By or From Student form. Then send the Recommended Letter for Parental Notification of Threat to a Student. Oregon Statutes require verbal notification within 12 hours and written notification within 24 hours. Maintain two copies: One in a letter-size manila envelope marked, "Confidential Law Enforcement Unit Record," placed in the student's regular academic or cumulative file and a second copy in a working file in the administrator (case manager's) office.

If the Site Team determines that more assessment is necessary (See Step 5-Level 1 Protocol) contact STAT (Student Threat Assessment Team) Dispatch at (503) 510-8924. STAT Dispatch will then schedule the Level 2 Consultation / Investigation Team (noted below and on the Flow Charts) for further assessment. At the time of the referral to the STAT Dispatch, the Site Team should have the information requested on page 6 of the Level 1 Screening so that Dispatch can schedule the appropriate people for the Level 2 Assessment. The Site Team will also participate in Level 2 Assessment and should have most convenient times for meeting available at time of call to Dispatch.

  1. A Level 2 Assessment is conducted primarily at the school site by an investigative team composed of a School Psychologist, Mental Health Worker, Law Enforcement Threat Assessment Specialist and other Case Workers as appropriate (such as Juvenile Probation Counselor, Oregon Youth Authority Counselor or an SCF Case Manager).
  2. After the bulk of the assessment is conducted and management strategies are developed, the student's case will be scheduled for Level 2 staffing at the Marion County Courthouse by the full Student Threat Assessment Team (STAT). A member of the Site Team (the administrator in most cases) will also attend the courthouse meeting as Case Manager for the school site. The courthouse staffings are available to extend the consultation of Threat Assessment experts and support agency professionals as strategists and resources on the management of dangerous situations (members of STAT are noted on the Level 2 specific flow chart).
  3. Once a student is staffed, case management will be done from the school site by the building administrator and reviewed on a schedule determined at the time of the assessment or as needed if situation escalates.
  4. File management will be done through the Administrator's office and available to the CDS/School Counselor and the School Liaison Officer. A Level 2 report documenting the results of the assessment and any management strategies will be written in a timely fashion and provided to the Site Team.

Maintain two copies of the Level 2: One in a letter-size manila envelope marked, "Confidential Law Enforcement Unit Record," placed in the student's regular academic or cumulative file and a second copy in a working file in the administrator's (case manager's) office.

Salem Keizer,
Mar 28, 2011, 3:40 PM